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I live in Toowoomba, which lies on the crest of the Great Dividing Range in South East Queensland. Originally from South Africa, my husband and I, along with our two children, immigrated to Australia in November 2008 – and wow, what an adventure it has been. From never having flown in an aeroplane to 3 flights within a week – one of those international – and traipsing half-way across the world to begin our new life, it was overwhelming to say the least. We have all integrated well into Australian Society and, In October 2013, we became Citizens of this huge island in the ocean and will always be thankful to our adopted country for giving us a second chance at life with “no worries” (well, not exactly no worries, but you know what I mean). I am a full-time working wife and mother but an avid reader - thanks to my Mom who introduced me to the world of books at the tender age of 2 – and during breaks at work, you will almost always find me sitting under the trees with a book.

Book Muster Down Under

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